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Drawing Board PXB


The Original PXB board is a professional-quality portable drawing and drafting board with a built-in parallel straight edge. Comes fully assembled.

  • Perfect for students and those who need an accurate drawing surface, but don't have the space for a full-sized drafting table.
  • Offers a superior locking parallel bar and is known for its excellent quality components and construction.

4 Available Sizes:

  • 16x21 inches
  • 18x24 inches 
  • 20x26 inches 
  • 23x31 inches 

Professional Grade
PXB Drawing Board

 PROFESSIONAL SOLID CONSTRUCTION- The drafting board with parallel bar is made of smooth Melamine providing a bump free surface. The blade has an aluminum straight edge with soft rubber edges for enhanced grip, comfort and control.

THE PERFECT PARALLEL BAR- The crystal clear bar is 0.12 Inches and includes inking edges to minimize smudging. The drafting straight edge glides smoothly up and down the board while cross-wire and pulley system underneath keeps it parallel in any position.

PORTABLE DRAFTING BOARD- Equipped with folding metal legs that are set at an angle to prevent collapse and includes rubber dipped ends to prevent scratching. Able to be used in a elevated position or laying down flat. The compact, folding design is perfect for convenient transportation and storage.

Parallel Bar Knob

At the end of each parallel straight edge are knobs that can be loosened to move the bar vertically and tighten before use.

Rubber Grip

The grips allow the board to hang over the edge of a table up to 8".

Cable Guide

Guides allow the cables to not get tangled and smoothly transition while adjusting the parallel bar.

Perfect For All Creative Types

The PXB Drafting Drawing Board is the original PXB series drafting board. Ideal for all architect and drafting needs.

  • PXB Board for Comic Making
  • PXB Board for Fine Artist or Illustrator
  • PXB Board for Engineer or Architect
  • PXB Board for Graphic Designer or Typographer
  • PXB Board for Student or Educator