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Traditional Art Necessities: Quality Tools To Make Quality Art

Traditional Art Necessities: Quality Tools To Make Quality Art

Wanting to draw, but stressing out about what to buy? 

While being an artist is an investment in most cases, let’s not empty our wallets to enjoy the pleasures of creating. These are just 4 necessities you can start off using to create your masterpieces. Having higher quality products makes your art become what you actually envision. If you’re trying to draw an apple while using low tooth paper and a low quality pencil then the apple will become grainy looking. 

I don’t know about you, but I like having options especially when I’m about to make an investment. Here are 4 broad necessities with some options for each:

Graphite Pencils



    • Graphite Pencils - Standard graphite pencils come with different hardness. In the image below you can see the different shades with their corresponding number.

      Vinyl or Gum Erasers



      • Vinyl Erasers also known as Plastic Erasers - These erasers are tough. They will erase anything and are soft enough to not destroy your paper when erasing the hardest pencil marking.
      • Gum Erasers - are great for surfaces that are sensitive to tearing.

      Pens & Markers




    • Blackliner Pens - For one it looks really nice. It’s perfect for define lines. This kind of pen is really good if you want a cross between a marker and a pen.
    • Pentel Markers - are markers, no really, they are just markers.

      Drawing Surfaces



      • Archival Paper - The long standing question of how is Archival Paper different from Acid Free Paper? Acid-free papers are made using alkaline paper making technology this means the pH of the pulp that is used to form the paper is above 7(neutral).
      • Acid Free Paper - paper that is acid free will stand the test of time. This paper will not yellow over time and is more resistant to fading that can occur when exposed to UV light. Under normal use and storage conditions Acid free paper will at least last 100 years.
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