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The top 5 Rulers every creative professional and beginners should have.

The top 5 Rulers every creative professional and beginners should have.

Rulers are probably one of the tools you don't think too much until you need a very specific one to do a specific task. While rulers fall behind many other tools its probably one of the best things to properly invest into a good versatile set that can handle various jobs. 

This list is made to help you get the best types of rulers to handle basically everything you would need, While no ruler can do everything, these 5 can pretty much handle almost every type of job. From Drafting/engineering, to illustration/comic creation to graphic design/printmaking and everyday use. Alright lets get into it. 



The Clear plastic Ruler:

The clear plastic ruler is on the most essential items to have, one of the best advantages to this type of ruler is being able to see the lines or marks beneath it to view and compare the precision of your next mark.


Metallic Edge Ruler:

An metallic ruler with rubber or cork backing helps keep this sturdy ruler in place so it won't slide upon any slippery surface. One of the best options for this ruler is being able to apply more force or being able to mark using other type of heavy duty utensils. Despite it durability which last longer than wooden rulers or plastic ones, it's actually more environmentally sound because all steel rulers are 100% recyclable.

Metallic Inch,Pica and Agate Graduations:

This one may be a more niche but if your a graphic designer who works heavily with printing then this ruler may be one of the best. The Fact you can measure something in pica in adobe Photoshop,illustrator and in design or any other alternative open source programs this type of measurement helps keep a universal scaling measurement that you can use to know how big something will be printed. A must have for any graphic designer.

Graphic arts Ruler:

Everything you enjoyed about an metallic  inch,pica ,agate ruler but clear specifically design to help view previous marks and point with more precision to help keep things in scale. The big difference between this and the previous one is this is design more to help designate which part will be cut on the document. While it is capable to help measure and scale text on a printed document its specifically designs to help direct a cut on a document.

Rolling Ruler:

Probably an ruler you have never seen or never heard of, of if you seen it  you may not be too familiar on how it works. The Rolling ruler is perhaps one of the most versatile rulers ever invented. Doing the job or  a protractor, compass and ruler all in one. Being able to create many patterns and forms with one portable and easy to use device its definitely great for when you need to graph or create columns and tables fast. Also great to measure angular spaces.  While at first glance its technical and professional benefits may not seems apparent to everyday users its probably the most versatile tool out there.


Final Notes:

While this list inst the most comprehensive on all types of rulers out there it a very easy listing of affordable rulers you can get in your inventory to have to cover a large majority of workloads.

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