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The Best Easels for Artist

How to choose the perfect easel:

Choosing the correct easel could seem like a small detail, but having the perfect one can make a world of difference. Having an understanding of what makes a certain easel perfect for your needs gives a better understanding of why certain artists and professionals use a type of easel to work with. This article hopes to give you a better understanding of which type of easel is best for you to use in your work.

Why is using an easel important? 

How to choose the best art easel guide

Easels may not seem like a must have item when you first start out but it becomes quickly apparent how needed they are when you need it the most.  Easels can help you paint or draw in a good position, good for your health, and rather than drawing on a table or flat surface you can draw with wider strokes of your arm. Easels also help create space to paint or draw or an compact easel that can help fit into a smaller work space. 

The types of Easels:

A-Frame Easels

H-Frame Easels

Giant Easels

Convertible Easels

Single mast Easels

Tabletop Art Easels

French Easels


A-Frame Easels:

best art easels for artist a-frame easels omnitopia

 A-Frame Easels are very easy and lightweight. Based on a 3 leg design with 2 legs in the front and 1 in the back make for an A like frame design . These types of easels can hold up to 38” to 75” tall canvas. While they can handle these sizes, the sturdiness which they can handle isn't so secure. So if you need something that can handle anything above 78” look for a bigger easel type. Perfect for those who have a small space and works are small to mediums sizes.

H-Frame Easels:

H-frame easels are best for artist omnitopia

These types of Easels exhibit an H-frame like design generating a very strong base creating a sturdy frame to work upon. Due to their design, its mobility is limited and will take up more space so it's not ideal for an artist in a small space. H-Frame can handle 84” to 96” tall canvas and most models can handle storing your art paint supplies making it convenient to work with. Ideal for artists who need a very sturdy and stable work space with the ability to work on large canvas and storage capabilities.

Giant Easels:

Giant Easels are best for artist omnitopia

Based upon the H-style frame design these giant easels are for the serious hobbyist and professional artist with dedicated studio space, as they will take up a good amount of space within your studio or work area. Don't be fooled by its similar designs they differ from the giant easels in working by handling a very large canvas size. From sizes from 85” to 120” tall, These giant easels are great for artist who needs to work on a large format scale who need a sturdy design that can hold the weight for a very long time. 


Hybrid Easels:

Hybrid Easels best for artist omnitopia

If your space is limited and you need to be able to work on different surfaces then the hybrid Easel may be one of the best options for you. These Easels have the ability to go flat by converting itself to a flat surface is ideal for artist, may require flat surfaces. The general advantage is its ability to convert itself but its down size is not being able to handle anything bigger than a 84” tall canvas size. If you need a sturdy and reliable surface that can act as both flat surface than this can be a great choice.

Single Mast Easels:

Single Mast Easel best for artist omnitopia

Probably one of the most approachable easels designs and affordable easel design like the A-frame but unlike the A-frame they are not as sturdy. These are ideal for students and new hobbyists who are just entering the field and need easels that can handle a wide range of canvas sizes in a  compact in space. These designs can handle 72” tall canvases. 


Tabletop Easels:

Tabletop Easels best for artist omnitopia

Tabletop Easels are generally for artists with mediums that are  geared more for small canvases or who are limited on space. Need to place the easels on a higher flat surface.  One of the great advantages of this design is being able to take your easel with you on the go, most designs have a drawers which can house many of your brushes,paints,and other tools.These are great for artist/hobbyist who are just starting out or are and are taking classes on painting or like to work in different areas of their work space. Tabletop easels can hold a canvas 32” tall.

French Easels:

French Easels best for artist omnitopia

Essentially french easels are just like the tabletop easels but with three legs giving you the ability to choose from a tabletop design to a A-frame design with the extra storage options to help keep your tools organized.


Easels may not be the first tool you want but it becomes a tool you must have when you realize its advantages and necessity when your working on your art. Having the correct type of easels can drastically help improve your workflow and create a better work environment.

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