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Origin of the Ultimate Drawing Book

Origin of the Ultimate Drawing Book

Everyone knows about the sketchbook, but have you ever wondered how they came to be? There are a variety of shapes and sizes that sketchbooks come in. Paper is the best surface for you to draw on and what better way to keep a lot of paper together than to make it into a book.


The one of the most famous artists...

Leonardo da Vinci made and kept a lot of sketchbooks with his drawings contained in them. Although his sketchbook might have just been a way for him to improve his drawings and takes notes of his studies; they were still of value to him.


Since paper is the best drawing surface having all your drawings in one place will prove beneficial for you to either look back on or just make sure you don’t lose your sketches. Most sketchbooks come in pretty compact sizes making it easy for anyone to take on the go. Many artists carry around sketchbooks so they many document any situations or even just to have when they feel like drawing something to de-stress.


Situations you’d use a sketchbooks

There really isn’t a specific situation where you should use a sketchbook, but having one with you is extremely helpful when you want to write notes or sketch something. Think of a sketchbook like a giant notepad except on a notepad you never have enough room for all the information you would like to put on there. Like there are written journals there are also visual journals. Plus, the sketchbook is great for when you just want to doodle.

How it’s used now

The usage of a sketchbook is easily and completely freewill. The sketchbook is meant for you to use it however you would like to. While there are many different ways to use a sketchbook and some cases require you to have a sketchbook such as, Inktober, art class, etc., this doesn’t mean you need to be afraid to ‘ruin’ the pages. Sketchbooks are meant for you to bring your imaginations to life and the best way to do that is to draw.

The sketchbook is more than just a bunch of paper sewn together. There are many different design, shapes, and sizes. You just have to find out that works for you and your art style then you’ll be able to start creating in no time.



Leonardo da Vinci:

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