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Draw: Like When You Were Young

Draw: Like When You Were Young

Most of the time drawings will be done on your own time for the sake of relaxing or de-stressing. Occasionally, you’ll find yourself wondering what to draw. Sometimes you’ll find yourself in an artistic rut and think back to when you were a child how easy it was to just pick up a pencil or pen and watch it glide across any surface you had in that moment? (I drew on a table when I was young. Each leg had at least 10 letters on it. Why? I have no idea, but it was fun it do it.) How nothing else mattered? It was just you, your pen/pencil, and your drawing surface. That’s how the process of art should be. Art should be formed as you’re drawing not before, even then it can still change. There are times where your hand will move faster then your mind and you’ll create something even you didn’t know you could do.


Nowadays, before you even begin your mind automatically makes sure each line is exactly how you want it to look in the end and when it doesn’t, your trusty eraser is always there to erase what could have been. It’s normal to think that way. When most people get older they start thinking more about the end look first, whether it’s a project or a situation. We are taught to think more about how something will turn out in the end rather than just enjoying the process. When the desired end doesn’t happen then you’re not happy. Being so focus on the end result so often you’ll forget that the execution of bringing pencil to paper is meant to be fun and bring out your creativity. Yes, it’s not the fastest or the easiest. It is the best way to have more control of what you actually want to do.


Art isn’t meant to be fast or easy. There are no such things. Art is whatever you make of it. It’s relaxing, creative, loud, soft, outspoken, time consuming, little, big, etc. When you find yourself in a position where you just don’t find art fun anymore you just have to scoot your chair back, close your eye, take a deep breath, and remember what it was like to be a little kid drawing with your favorite pen/pencil again.

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