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Bridges: How Much Do You Know?

Bridges: How Much Do You Know?

The invention of bridges isn't anything new, but the weird history that the South American Andes culture had with them is something to definitely check out. 

It's no surprise that the Peru historical culture history of the Incas had many architectural mysteries that generated many questions and monumental achievements that are still standing till this day, without the aid of modern technological tools. 

In 1610, a special mixture of construction mortar was made with water and egg white, yes egg white, like what your doctor tells you to eat in order to reduce cholesterol. Well over ten thousand egg whites went into a bridge that was made. Somehow this process worked and the bridge itself is still standing till this day. The mystery of this construction and its material still leaves many people wondering what did the Incas know that we didn't know. This type of bridge wasn't the only curious aspect of the Incas bridge techniques, but probably the most notable one you will remember.

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