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5 Essential Art Habits

5 Essential Art Habits

Art can be therapeutic and very relaxing but sometimes it can have the opposite effect on you and make the whole process a pain. Sometimes we tend to forget why we do art or why sometimes the whole process should be easy and fun. Here are the 5 essential art habits every artist should practice now.

Sketchbook Ideas

Sometimes you start sketching and get frustrated with a line or a curve, you redraw it and it gets messy then you erase and try again. It feels hopeless and you realize I've been sketching for only 10 minutes! Whoa calm down friend, it's sketching, it's meant to be light and breezy and not technical. Sketch out your ideas, play with them, re-draw them if you want but they're sketches. Rough drafts are not meant to be final. It's a healthy habit to keep them there to look at and see what can be improved and what was good. 

Inspiration Comes From Life 

This may sound cheesy, but inspiration shouldn't just come from other art. It can come in many forms like cooking, to experiences like hiking, or from family and friends. It's how we shape these influences that we get to create an artwork or creative project. There are many forms of inspiration to form an idea to make something new. It leaves an impression on you. Don't hesitate to explore that creative inspiration.

Good Artist Steal, Bad Artist Copy

This saying came from Pablo Picasso and once again enter the zeitgeist with Steve Jobs company philosophy of good artist steal, not copy. These words are often confused, but it's a simple mindset that you take inspiration from different sources and create your own interpretation and do it in your own style. This doesn't mean you copy an artwork frame by frame. 

Many people confused this concept. The theory of this saying is you grab influences and styles to make your own without having to copy.

Learn How to Fail

Learn how to fail was a concept and marketing campaign by Wieden & Kennedy. It features the idea that you failing to meet your own expectations or goals helps you see what you need to improve and how to make the next attempt better. This learning to fail concept was learning that failure is only failure when you let it end that way. This ad campaign came to make one of the most iconic ads ever featuring Michael Jordan fail ad. Saying for every shot he missed, every game lost and every rebound missed he trained harder making him better because he failed.

Trial, experimentation, and learning how to fail help you make not only a better artist. It helps you gain perspective and learn how to better deal with roadblock to reach your goal.

When is it done?

Jake Parker the originator and founder of the Inktober movement a month long daily art event that makes artist create daily artwork. Has popularized *finish not perfect* This is a very hard concept to grasp for a few people, but it's not a hard thing to start doing. 

Perfection or the perfect image is an illusion the trial and error of chasing that image is hard, but getting there is very hard. Because deciding on the final image is something you commit and must be happy with. Many artist, designers, and creative professionals have the mentality of a work is done, but never finished. Meaning you may have completed the artwork, but it can be improved. 

Knowing when to be happy with a piece is important and knowing that every piece will be better and consistently improving will help silence that thought of it could be better. 

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